1. What is Haka?
  2. Why a new framework?
  3. How to quickly start with Haka?
  4. How to contribute to Haka?

What is Haka?

Haka is an open source flexible framework capable of filtering network traffic based on user rules. It also allows to easily define protocols using a grammar and a state machine description.

Why a new framework?

Haka goal is to provide a very flexible language to describe rules as well as network protocols targeted to security experts.

How to quickly start with Haka?

The user guide contains two sections to enable you to quickly start with Haka:

If you want more, check our workshop which is a good way to see, in action, what Haka can do.

How to contribute to Haka?

You are welcome to contribute to Haka. Check our section Contribute. You can follow Haka developments on GitHub : https://github.com/haka-security/haka.